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Rubbish Plane Spotting in Madrid

Some random planes going past while I wait for my LAN flight in the Iberia lounge. Only got my phone on me so the quality is crap even after corrections. I really can’t imagine being a plane spotter to be honest.

Recreated the Scratch Map… from scratch 😑

I’ve always semi-maintained a scratch map, the sort of thing you see people post on social media occasionally of ‘countries visited’ most typically. Never inclined to succumb to using some rubbish ready for facebook tool, had maintained a basic one on my home page. Take a look at:

An autumn afternoon in The Hague 🍂

Before the winter sets in we spent an afternoon down in Den Haag. What a difference two months makes, when I last visited it was summertime. Now with jacket weather and threatening skies we stuck to the centre of town, 

Healthy late night food shopping in Utrecht

Downside to being central in Utrecht is all the Albert Heijn supermarkets close a little earlier but fortunately the PLUS stays open on Voorstraat. So naturally we get the best things we can. Cake and ice cream.

Dutch Credit Card Bonus Offers

Enough reward points to take a holiday? Some fancy cash back offer? What about free movie tickets or some luxury item? Check out this amazing special sign up offer from one of the major Dutch banks.

Melbourne all night transit

After the long but comfortable flight from Doha to Melbourne I had to overnight in Melbourne before my connection to Adelaide. Qatar’s late night arrival means no chance of any further domestic connection. Sounds miserable except that I have an old friend who now lives in Melbourne. Like myself, she appreciates...

Museum Catharijneconvent in Utrecht

Utrecht is home to several good museums, owning to its long history. The St. Catherine’s Convent Museum (Museum Catharijneconvent) exhibits a history of religious art with some spectacular pieces. I had a free visit to use up so visited this morning. Although they were only partially opened, with renovations and a new...

Climbing Dom Tower of Utrecht to Ring the Bells

The cityscape of Utrecht is dominated by one and one thing only, the Dom Tower. Between the canals you can always orient yourself by looking up and finding it above. Sitting within the boundary walls back in the Roman Empire, it isn’t just centred, it is the centre of the city....

Missed AFF dinner and tonsillitis

This was meant to be a post about the AFF dinner in Adelaide last night but instead I missed it being passed out in bed. Joy. Edit: turns out it is tonsillitis again argh :'( Edit 2: a week later and I’m back going again

The Travel Wallet Lost & Found in Dubai Airport

Really didn’t expect this at all, so quite chuffed – I totally just wanted to use that word regardless how I felt. Anyway, a couple months ago I got stranded overnight at Dubai Airport by SriLankan Airlines in probably the most trying experience I’ve endured in air travel. Thankfully Emirates rescued me...

A Night in Seoul

Arriving fresh from Japan, I was making my way to Europe via Hong Kong in an intentionally indirect way. I had been able to get a long overnight transit in Seoul where I otherwise could not stopover. This gave me a chance to not just get out and finally see...

Seoul Tomorrow! Booked Asiana & Air China Business Class to HK

In typical style I am 50% planning, 50% impulsive or pressured last minute decisions. I am staying in Kyoto but time is marching on before my Virgin Atlantic flight to London departs from Hong Kong. Alas they no longer fly from Tokyo! There were many great options to get down...