Beijing Olympic Park

  • Bird's Nest
    Beijing Olympic Stadium
  • beijing-olympic-park-birdsnest
  • beijing-olympic-park-birdsneststructure
  • beijing-olympic-park-cover
  • beijing-olympic-park-pool
  • beijing-olympic-park-sculpture1
  • beijing-olympic-park-sculpture2
  • beijing-olympic-park-sculpture3
  • beijing-olympic-park-sculpture5
  • beijing-olympic-park-stadium
  • beijing-olympic-park-tower1
  • beijing-olympic-park-tower2
  • beijing-olympic-park-wiring

Today Dave & I visited the Beijing olympic park. We took the specially built short subway line and walked around the stadiums. It’s been about 3 months now since the olympics were held in Beijing. Even now the place remains buzzing with people. The Bird’s Nest is the centre piece and is surrounded by numerous other structures and facilities. The large open plaza is dotted with sculptures and food venders. Although the winter has set in, freezing the lakes and there are some areas being pulled apart, the place remains a nice place to visit to witness their construction efforts.

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